Sevenwaters (demo)

Een nieuwe opname van Sevenwaters, een nummer gebaseerd op de Zevenwateren trilogie door Juliet Marillier. Een boekenserie die op ons veel indruk maakte en die haar eigen lied verdient.

There once was a maiden with six older brothers
Who all left their home as the moon raised up high
They sat in the woods of the great Sevenwaters
Till a witch appeared out of the shadows nearby

The witch cast a spell most foul and evil
They screamed and they fought but they just couldn’t win
But the maiden was hiding, and through the leaves
She could see six white swans where her brothers had been.

“You must hide in the woods and weave six shirts of starwort,
With your own heart and hands you can change them again!
But remember no matter how much you will suffer
If you speak but one word it will all be in vain…”

The maiden she wove and she suffered in silence
The forest her shelter, a dark cave her home
Her brothers consoled her during the solstice
But dawn never waits and she woke up alone

The maiden was found by a man down from Britain
Whose hair was as red as his heart was kind
Inside his warm home there was friendship and love
But she couldn’t imagine the doom she would find

For an ill-conceived plan by an evil man founded
Was trapping her inside a web of despair
Spinning and weaving she sat in her cell
Until finally the day of her burning was there

Oh the flames licked her feet and the people they shouted
But the maiden was strong and she saidn’t a word
And the moment of truth was now finally upon her
By six swans her silent calling was heard

And the shirts she had woven with her own hands and heart
She threw them up high and at last she could see
Her brothers escaped from their feathery prisons
But the youngest would never be totally free

The maiden returned with her husband and brothers
But the rest of her life would that memory sting
Even though she had rescued the great Sevenwaters
In her dreams she could still hear the beating of wings

And forever she’d hear the white swan to her sing

Long Story Short (2019)